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mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Jordan Aerospace Industries (Jordan)

Jordan Aerospace Industries (JAI) is showcasing its prototype of the Sama CH2000 Centurion Diesel engine at Dubai 2007 Air show. At pace with JAI's development and upgrading philosophy 2 new versions of the Sama CH2000 series have been produced and certified.
The Sama CH2000A aircraft is a 140/150 hp Lycoming engine with 1850 lbs take-off weight and 5 hours endurance at a cruise speed of 108 Kts.
The Sama CH2000AL aircraft is a 150/180 hp Lycoming engine with 2200 lbs take-off weight and 7 hours endurance at a cruise speed of 108 Kts.
At the Dubai 2007 Air Show, JAI is showcasing the Sama CH2000 powered by the Centurion Diesel engine.
This state-of-the-art, fuel-efficient kerosene piston TAE aircraft engines gives the Sama CH2000 lower operating costs for fuel and service. The engine makes flying and operating the Sama significantly cheaper.
The Centurion engines are kerosene piston aircraft engines for General Aviation certified according to the requirements of FAA and EASA. The CENTURION 2.0 provides 135 HP and offers the following benefits:
• Reliability and safety thanks to Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)
• Considerably lower operating costs due to lower fuel consumption and lower fuel price
• Longer range due to lower fuel consumption
• Ease of maintenance and simple operational handling
• Electronic data logging
This Sama CH2000 Series powered by Lycoming or TAE engines are the ideal solutions for military and civil training and surveillance. The aircraft has a proven track record in successfully completing missions in combat and inhospitable environment. When supplied with the advanced surveillance equipment and secured military communication systems and ground and air radar, the Sama CH2000 aircraft works as an effective tool in fighting terrorism, and executing law enforcement plans for populace protection.
Contact details
Address Shmeisani, Sh. Nasser Bin Jameel Str, Building No. 23 FL. 1 , 11180 Amman, Jordan
Telephone +962 6 556 0511
Facsimile +962 6 556 0514

Subsidiaries Jordan Advanced Remote Systems

Aircraft currently in production/development
AMD Alarus CH 2000 Single engine piston light aircraft. Also produced by Jordan Aerospace Industries as Sama CH 2000.
Viper Viperjet MkII Kitbuilt single turbofan aerobatic aircraft with composite structure. Also produced by Jordan Aerospace Industries as Shibel.
JAI ESNAD 800 High wing single piston light utility aircraft. Previously known as Hajanah.
Zenith STOL CH 801 Kitbuilt high wing single piston light aircraft. Also produced as Hawk I by Jordan Aerospace Industries.

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