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mercredi 21 décembre 2011

Gafsa: a giant mountain of golden wealth neglected

Gafsa: Amazon rivers from here passed and left the mountain and clips giant wealth of gold neglected
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Part I: Structural Materials Gafsa mining basin and solve the problem of the Mandate phosphate company

After a comprehensive geological survey carried out by the interests of the Gafsa Phosphate Company is set to geological maps show the importance of natural resources that are available under the mandate of the Gafsa mining basin.
The analysis of these materials proved to be of physical and chemical properties make them suitable for industrial use and application of these different materials that have specialized interests geological Gafsa Phosphate Company to monitor and determine the characteristics and the possibility of using them to advance industrial development Paljhh It is located:
1) Mount Sir living (Gafsa): a wealth of natural sand Kulsaati and used in the manufacture of glass and flat glass industry and ceramic boxes and polished porcelain industry savings estimated at one hundred million tons (100 million tons)
2) Mount and Mount Arabat Alattaf (Gafsa): a wealth of pure sand steel (metal quartz) used in the manufacture of high-crystal crystal crystal mugs High White crystal flat
3) Mount Ben Younes and Mount or Mount Wood & Boulkheir (Gafsa):: a wealth of gypsum, the cement industry uses boxes Gypsum Gypsum Gypsum medical building
4) Mount Arabat (Alsquih) crude Mount Mount Mount Alqosh Burmla (Gafsa):: clips huge natural stone marble
5) Mount Almazalh (Gafsa): expanses of the huge wealth of red clay bricks
6) reserve (Gafsa): Article Acharat use: purification of phosphoric acid impurities of fluorine, sulfur liquid purification, purification of alcohol and vegetable oil, filter water for desalination plants
7) Mount the surface mount section Mt Mount Sahib facility (Gafsa):
Fortunes of the calcium carbonate of use: paper-making industry, animal feed fat the plastics industry and some cleaning products and fertilizers.
Mount Almzindh (Almazalh / Gafsa): enormous amounts of material Aldalumit White, used in the manufacture of ceramic pottery and glass boxes

According to the above statement appears from these data that the mandate of Gafsa, a private mining basin is available on the natural materials rarely found its counterpart in other places not located tapped while experiencing the highest rates of unemployment in the Republic as the only economic activity by the extraction of phosphate or chemical industries, and these two poles become unable to absorb the massive numbers of new entrants to the labor market of university graduates is no solution, but the trend towards the establishment of industries, mining and industrial units in the form of:
(Cement Bricks Plaster Ceramic Industries badges technical medical gypsum marble fertilizer fat)
Reference: Summary of a study on the mining of construction materials dock to Mr. Hussein Naji *

After the revolution, the Tunisian across many investors wanted to invest in the mining sector Gafsa is the beginning of the activation of these projects is linked to the availability of political stability and social climate appropriate, especially the final solution to the problem of the assignment company Phosphate Gafsa with reference to the practical solution of equitable and transparent to this problem is simple and is:

First, determine the number of vacant positions the company as disciplines
Second, adjust the terms of each discipline or function with all the accuracy of any certificates required and the age and health status ... etc. and the suspension of these conditions for everyone to see
Third, accept and sort the files according to the requirements and only among the unemployed.
Fourth, do a public process to withdraw all candidates who meet the conditions by the number of vacancies are in the presence and the presence of reverse implementers
Fifth: The announcement of the result of withdrawals in a timely manner on the basis that the final outcome of the debate and close the file with the commitment of the written informed they had no luck in the process of drawing upon the availability of these centers filled with other projects Paljhh to participate in the debates for the purpose

Part II: Draft Lake Valley Baash

Add to that is difficult for the city and valley Baash cage was at the beginning of this century, a beacon of environmental pleasure in life ... But he has now shifted to the mouth of the various waste and foul odors of the city a source of contamination of groundwater. It can convert the valley Baash Julaah Gafsa to the Commission that are unprecedented in the south-west and the source for hundreds of jobs and livelihoods and sustainable development ... How is that?

Valley Baash stems from the city of Tebessa Aaldzaúr to pass through cities including the city of Gafsa and moving study of the possibility of completing the project on the level of Gafsa city in the disposition of the water flood the valley Baash from Idayh enter the stream valley to the outskirts of Gafsa any before thousand square meters of the mountain "Honeybee" to the extent of after the bridge rail to minors and specifically what is known as "trawl or tribe" to turn this area of ​​the valley to fill the average in the form of a lake large water feed from the compilation of seasonal flooding of the course of the valley Baash and will achieve self-sufficiency of the city from the water excellent for irrigation and land conversion on the banks of the valley to orchards and vegetables with the emergence of a new environment, attractive to birds and other organisms ... Add to transform the entrance to the valley Baash Gafsa Palace and the banks of the valley "and letting the tribe" to the area of ​​eco-tourism with stunning and unique oasis and an outlet for families

Imagine charming scenery of the lake, vast as you enter the city on foot or by car across the bridge and Valley Baash Gafsa Palace Yale can even conduct small boats for a walk along the valley ... and most of all, the project provides hundreds of centers of employment and livelihoods

Noting that this project is independent of the Great Valley project, which began to initiate accomplished

All of these natural resources, particularly showing the environmental diversity of biological and geological point of special

Extends the class hierarchy or column Alstratigrave of the first geological era to the Quaternary, but that mining activity in the back to the Roman era ... or not to say that the Amazon rivers from here passed from his cage ...
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Follow-up to Mr. Mohamed Jdlawi / international consultant in the development and operation

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